Tikkurila Paint


Tikkurila is a leading Nordic paint company whose products are manufactured of carefully chosen raw materials that meet the highest quality standards. Founded in 1862 they have expertise that spans decades and enables them to develop premium products that provide customers with quality that will stand the test of time and weather.

They operate in around ten countries with 3,000 dedicated professionals share the joy of building a vivid future through surfaces that make a difference.

Tikkurila offers a broad range of decorative paints for consumers and professionals for surface protection and decoration. The product offering includes, among others, interior paints, lacquers, and effect products, exterior products for wood, masonry, and metal surfaces, as well as services related to painting. In addition, Tikkurila produces paints and coatings for the metal and wood industries. Has also been designed for spray application as well as conventional brush or roller application.

Professional Decorators’ Choice

We are able to mix and supply any paint of your choice on demand in store.

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