Unilit30 is a traditional, dry premixed mineral stabilising mortar based on natural hydraulic lime as the binder and appropriate well-graded aggregates.

Unilit30 is characterised by a slow but strong bonding, a high plasticity, a low content of soluble salts and an excellent water vapour permeability. The natural hydraulic lime mortar is inherently stable and designed to reduce problems of micro cracks along with premature drying out. Unilit30 is perfectly water repellent and, hence, performs perfectly where rising damp and capillary action is prevalent. Furthermore, the natural pore structure of hydraulic lime gives Unilit30 a high resistance against salt crystallisation.

The natural hydraulic lime binder, used to prepare the preblend, conforms to the European Standard EN 495-1, NHL 5 for building limes. The mortar Unilit30 conforms to the European Standard UNI EN 998-1.

Application Area

Unilit30 is applied wherever, both from internally and externally, an important exposure to moisture and/or soluble salts is present. By the application of the stabilising mortar Unilit30 the humidity present in the structure is seperated from the finishing layer to be applied, while its optimum vapour permeability allows humidity present in the wall to be able to rapidly migrate from the structure beneath. The seperation of the finishing layer from the humidity present in the structure stops the transport of soluble salts as well, which crystallise within the stabilising mortar layer.

Unilit30 can be applied to damp walls of buildings and cellars, as a plinth or pointing, both internally and externally, for the protection of the structure against the effects of rising damp or as a protection of the background within humid environments, such as showers, saunas and hammams. Therefore, Unilit30 is essential within the realisation of a tadelakt finish.

Unilit30 can be applied as well for the stabilisation of salt loaden backĀ­grounds

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