Limeworks was established in 1998 to supply natural hydraulic lime to the building industry and help undo the damage caused by portland cement and synthetic paints to our historic buildings. These natural building materials are now produced with modern technology giving a consistent product expected in today’s world.


Since that time we have added many other products to our range all of which are natural breathable, healthy, ecological and out perform modern equivalents.


We have been involved in many high profile and award winning projects including L’Escargot house (Architect Andrew Dyke) which has a natural hydraulic lime render and paint finish and won a design award. The same year Les Fries Barn was totally restored using natural hydraulic lime and natural oil paints, and was highly commended by the industry. Recently Les Prevosts Farm won a design award again with products supplied by Limeworks. Two prestigious and beautiful new build properties on the cliffs at Village Du Putron, again designed by Cresswell, Cuttle & Dyke, have benefitted from lime renders and Keim paints.  The Limework products providing these properties, situated in an exposed position to all weathers, a durable, long lasting and natural look.


Other projects included repairs to St Appolline Chapel where the use of portland cement for the external pointing was having a detrimental effect on the 14thCentury Frescoes. These were removed and replaced with Lime products.


St James, one of our iconic buildings, has had extensive re work including the external paint finish, plaster and render repairs and the bedding of the portland stone driveway.  By bedding the driveway in hydraulic lime it will be possible, when necessary, to move or reuse these beautiful stones without destroying them – achieving a recyclable process.


More recent projects: repairs to Torteval Church, another prestigious build / private residence on our beautiful South Coast cliffs, Havelet Waters façade and our Little Greene paints currently being used at Victor Hugo House in Hauteville. All great examples of our great product range, both Lime and Decorating products.


Limeworks offer a large range of alternative building products many of which have been in use in Europe for many years. As governments become increasingly aware of global warming, due to CO2 emissions, it is increasingly important that the building industry becomes more ecological in its approach to building by using low energy recyclable and renewable materials.


We supply and advise on the use of natural building and decorating products for use in conservation, restoration and new build. Our top priority is to provide you with personal and professional service.  Our experienced team can help you find what you’re looking for, from colour matching timber or walls with our superior range of breathable paints to colour matching old renders on a historic building or renovating the whole house, we are here to help.


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